Seasonal Break


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I came to a crucial decision that it was time now to take a little break from my online food writing, and stick to the photography itself which has become my priority till I make the next step.

I still do keep my little journal of meals that my family & friends tried and enjoyed, and so,  there still is an intention I will come back again.

Till then, obviously, I am leaving my blog pages with all those lovely recipes & images open for you to browse, enjoy and hopefully share with your loved ones.


It’s been such a nice journey – through so many lovely days in my life – and a lot of it naturally reflected in my posts here, and I have always been very happy to share it with you all.

Settling at yet another new place, with simply a lot of going on these days, though, I just feel a great need to stay focused on my gorgeous little people and photography as it is.


As I know myself, I am sure I will come up with a way how to put my work out to you to view and enjoy again.

Till then, I hope you find a good way to keep in touch via

my Instagram to see what I’ve been up to more recently:

as well as my Facebook page:

or simply visit my website page to view new stuff that I’m working on –

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A Huge Thank You and lots and lots of love your way till we meet again,

Miriam xx




A Walk Down Portobello Road

Compared to my usual, rather quieter days, a short visit to London’s Notting Hill the other week was a nice change.

Besides the great business of the place itself – because I live in a small town in the heart of downright countryside – it was nice to experience a little change in the manner of spending my days, too – be somewhere I am the one who is kindly looked after and taken care of (a proud mother of two little rascals has spoken). This is to thank my friend Zuzana, who did such that and wonderfully!

DSC_0752 e X wm-001





















Apart from the most delightful continental breakfast served in bed, and a long night with “Sleepless In Seattle” afterwards (believe it or not I haven’t seen that movie yet until now! Smile.) or a few lovely strawberry cocktails, she took me for a stroll down Portobello Road in the mild mid-spring sunshine – perhaps we were too lucky about the weather, no complaints here at all.

It was a brilliant weekend, and I’d like to share some quick snaps I took of few of the stalls that I liked a lot.

DSC_0718 e X3 wm-001





















For anyone who loves vintage, be it almost anything you can even think of or imagine – from crockery through handbags, old cameras, paintings, badges, stamps, hats, model toys, jewellery to magazines, records or books – there were plenty of food stalls, which, I naturally couldn’t avoid under any circumstances.

DSC_0727 e Xwm-001

DSC_0726 e X wm-001








































In fact, the diversity, colours, textures and even sounds (yes, food has many a great of them!) all thrilled me a lot.

Under the warm sunlight, in the crowd, with no clouds above and reggae music in far background growing louder as one approaches the busy coconut water sellers, all seems intensified – all the hues and tones of the experience. If I should look for some synonym to Portobello Market, I would call it “a state of excitement”. 

DSC_0741 e X wm-001





















You feel so tempted to stop at every one and and each of them – the stalls with bubbling seafood being prepared for paellas, sizzling German sausages, caramelized burgers, golden crusts of bread loaves, you long just to try a tiny bit of all they so keenly offer you – savour the custards licked of your sticky fingertips, smell the cheese and dozens above dozens of kinds of olives and pickles, wipe the froth of freshly squeezed fruit juice..

DSC_0721 e X3 wm-001






















And after all that dare to walk into the dark, smokey and steamy heaven of cuisines from all around the world.. just one “under- the – bridge” step away from you!

And you do it, you go for it, you accept the challenge! There’s nothing that could stop you!

Hear the spritz, the sizzle, hiss and burn and fry – all in one amazing accord!

DSC_0722 e X 2 wm-001






















I loved my weekend break in London, and believe me, I am already looking forward to see some more!

How about you, where will your summer steps take you this year? Wink.


Prop Up For The New Season

The truth is that behind each and single image, there is not just my camera sitting comfortably on a tripod, or the diffuser and reflectors overlooking the scene, but, of course, it is the actual props – and beyond the physical, it is also the time one can invest – in gathering them all, and preparing them for their future roles. They all don’t just appear on the set.

DSC_9609 e wm-001





















Wooden planks, that need to be nailed together, paints that need to be bought – specific colours & qualities chosen, brushed on, and then there is every little plate, bowl, stand or napkin that is there to be discovered and revived in the food shots.

DSC_2215 e Ex 2 wm






















DSC_2241 e Ex wm




















I started this year well, with a couple of new boards to be polished off, and with a lovely little collection of new dishes, as well as a new set of photography books that I’ve enjoyed reading, and learning from. It is quite something how the time  flies, as the seasons are to change already. Love the thought, and also, cannot wait to be using all these lovelies.

DSC_2564 e Ex wm 2





















The effort of finding the time pays off very well.

DSC_4295 e Ex wm





















When there is a wider choice, there also are more options, and that opens the doors to creativity.

DSC_1800 e wm-001

Before The Light Sets In

There’s these long winter evenings, dark and gloomy – which I always enjoy overcoming by lighting some candles, and then, fight the cold with something warm. May be a cup of tea, or even cocoa, or something like this good chilli goat cheese, which I shot the other month for my winter series.

DSC_7423 e





















Not that this is the only way to go through winter nights. Naturally, there’s the festive preparations, which can keep one quite busy, or on more ordinary days, it’s ok just to snuggle up and either watch a favourite movie, or read a book, or play a game with your little ones.

All that counts. And as soon as the all the festivities come to an end, I look forward to the new beginnings, or any little change that every year brings on bit by bit, month by month.

DSC_7521 e





















Among the first of them are the changing hours for the sunset – I am extremely happy to observe as the minutes add each and every single day – understand me, I shoot mostly with natural light, so “daylight” to say, and so appreciate all of it, the whole year.

Then, of course, it’s the more personal thing – watch your little people grow, develop and achieve – one of the most wonderful things a man can experience. And I love that so much!
This time last year, I was still expecting, and looked forward to those changes – and yup!, it has been some fun indeed! For all of us – for the baby himself, naturally, knowing the new world, new life, and for us – learning to live in this world with this brand new somebody.

DSC_7542 e





















Hope this next year will bring on as much joy as this one has, if not even more!

Wishing you all the best on every step you take & happy clicking to all my photographer friends!

May you be merry! .. and compassionate & kind!

Listening to Bin Crosby’s White Christmas, trying to imagine snow in our sun – lit backyard, thinking of the Little Person ice – skating last week – in a half – melted ice rink..

Well, it’s not the snow or cold that I am missing, I am quite happy being under weather as it is right now – not even joking, truly, being thankful for all – even the breeze, or rain, or sunshine.

DSC_9006 e





















What I am missing these days is the compassion and good will. I see a lot of prejudice on the other side.

Perhaps it all just comes with the times we are living. Perhaps that is the survival instinct in us.

Still, what a difference a little act of kindness can make! Anywhere and anytime.

DSC_9035 e






















I won’t come with long messages, only the thought of gratitude and love.

They don’t stand in any way to our being merry or happy.

It’s not only the silver leaf that makes Christmas..  Applicable throughout the whole of the year.

May you be all happy, dear friends!


And if these gorgeous little cookie cakes would add to your happiness, then there’s not much ado about them. Also, they are a fantastic joy to make!

See them building up the lovely tree is so satisfying! Smile.

DSC_8998 e




















I got inspired by Molly from a wonderful blog .

I myself used a different recipe for the dough and icing, however, the idea of the cute cookie cake came all from her – I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

You find her original recipe and many more brilliant ideas here:



An Ode To This Summer

I love summer, always had, and most likely always will.






















I love the kind, peaceful sort of summer – which invites you to explore, to relax, to enjoy. If I should be honest, one probably may find it hard to enjoy himself after hearing all that happens in the world nowadays.

It may be the sweet blindness of the younger age when I paid less attention to it all, or quite possibly that I was so busy with all I myself had to face,  or it might be the fact, that with the age I have become much more appreciative of all I have ever had and have now. It could be the simplest of things.






















For all the summers as I remember them always represented peace, long mornings, hot and still middays, and then, there were the evenings, when if spent out, I always enjoyed those by the fireplace at our cottage the most as well as the serene quiet after the day’s work done at my grandmother’s.






















Mind you, in my life it had always been about the student and then teacher summers. Because that is what I had been for long.






















Much has changed since, and perhaps I am more sensitive about certain things, simply because I feel the responsibility for more than just myself. That is what makes all that you can give to those important ones even more significant.






















For some time it’s also been about what you can give them to remember, or to enjoy, and also, what you will go through together, creating the memories – and thus becoming a part of someone else’s memories.






















Summer is a wonderful opportunity. Restore, recharge, re-establish. Go ahead stronger.

And I am recalling all that had been crucial and most fundamental for me before. It has changed. Not because I don’t teach anymore, I guess I could do that again, and what had changed wouldn’t come back to its previous state anyway. Not also because I became a mother. That is very natural.






















I assume this all goes hand in hand with – if I may reveal my heart – personal and professional changes. I understand more than before, and I appreciate more than I did before.






















If I sound like speaking in riddles, it hasn’t been my intention. It is just another summer day, and like everything in this life, it seems to have it all – both sun & cloud. And I found myself recalling the beautiful times of the past, yet, rejoicing in the thoughts of now.. Especially today.






















I still have lots of questions and much to learn, for sure.

And most predictably, I will learn a lot as I will go. By that, I will be able to leave and give even more as legacy to those important ones. Hope their summers will also be memorable ones, summers they can return to in their minds on some other days, some days when people, hopefully, will be able to respect the idea of humanity. In its positive meaning. When kindness makes us human.






















It is not about falling, it is about getting up and going again, perhaps together with someone else by your side. That is more powerful that threats. That, to me, takes more courage.






















I do hope you and your loved ones enjoy this summer, and hopefully, all we learn will be used well some day.


All images shot on location –  Groombridge, Kent. Beautiful, stunning place.


The Good News This Spring

It seems a very long time since I posted on my blog here, and no wonder – the days pass by so fast, honestly, all comes to me as in a flash.
Being a Mum to a Newborn & the Little Person, as well as trying to come back to my photos, is quite challenging most of the time.

DSC_8023 e 01However, while hanging anywhere between the feeding, winding, sleeping, nappy changing demands from the tiny one, I find it quite rewarding to spend many moments reading, watching or listening to anything about food & photography.

It really seems to me, that the more demanding and time – consuming tending to the tiny one is, the more stimulating it is somehow just as well, while I try to find my own space and moments.

Even though that should mean being in some sort of a constant marathon. As to that, not only physically, but also in my mind – I always think, plan and try to project and frame all the images ahead, but also try to store and organize all I see, hear and learn for the future use.

So, I can say, I definitely am making a virtue of necessity, and hope this all will lead somewhere.

(Alright, I also hope, in some time our little angel will be a little less demanding, and beside some actual sleep I will get some more time to fulfill all those ideas I am thinking of now. Big smile.)

Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy the bright spring days with our little lovely bundle of joy & his amazing big brother, with all it comes with.

DSC_8687 www PM


The truth is, I love it all, because I know only too well that the challenges almost always turn into something very rewarding.

Hope you all have a beautiful spring this year, too.

Lots of love your way! (Wink & Smile)

Miriam xx