Mango Mousse

To kick the summer off I decided to share this refreshing dessert with you. It’s in that colour appeal, the lush texture and energizing taste, all of it speaks summer to me –  a sensational combination of mango, lemon and lime in one glass! Pure summer indulgence!

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The idea comes from a wonderful book “Foolproof Cooking” by the inspirational cook, Mary Berry,  published by BBC Books, 2016 © Mary Berry to accompany her tv series.

It is very simple, and what is absolutely great about it is the fact you can easily prepare it the day before serving – the mousse holds well and stays fresh just as the moment it was made.


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For 4 – 6 servings, use 2 ripe mangos (about 400 g mango flesh), 300 ml double cream, juice and grated zest of 1/2 lime, 100 g good – quality lemon curd.

I used mango, but as an adapted version for those possibly allergic to fresh mangos, as myself, I also tried tinned peaches – they work just as well, they’re nearly the same colour and feel just as indulgent and summery as their more exotic counterparts.

Skin the fruit and slice the mango flesh, take good care around its stones, leave some of the chunks aside – keep them reserved for the final decoration of the dessert.

Puree the flesh in a food processor till smooth and velvety.

DSC_8848 eX wm





















Whip the cream in a bowl and check constantly throughout the process – avoid whipping it too thick, only until there are soft peaks – the lemon curd and lime juice will do the thickening once added. Fold them gently into the cream, twirl evenly until the cream is all nicely coherent.

Then simply start filling 4 – 6 small glasses with the pureed mango on the bottom, then layer the cream, mango puree and cream again.

I went for larger glasses and used only some of the cream to decorate the top mango layer. Also, this way you can see more of the puree texture in the images. You can layer them as you wish, or as Mary suggests – having four layers in total (two of the mango and mousse).

You can always adapt the amount of cream, I wouldn’t use more than 350 – 400 ml though, so it wouldn’t overpower the fruit puree.

DSC_8864 e X wm





















Finally, use the reserved mango chunks & lime zest to decorate each glass. Chill in the fridge for about an hour or more before serving. Enjoy the summer!







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