Berry Sundae

What child wouldn’t love this simple sweet juicy mellow sundae? I don’t even have to say.

I’ll be quite short today – celebrating our small ones all around the world, I think this is just a thing to make their day all brighter, juicier, sweeter..

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To make two portions (or more depends how big the little people are )  you need 1-2 large meringues, double cream 250 ml (lightly whipped), a large handful of each fresh raspberries and chopped dry roast macadamia nuts.

Break and crumble the meringues, then whip the cream, don’t make it too thick, and gently fold them together. Add the berries, try not to squash them, be very light handed.

Serve two scoops of good quality vanilla ice – cream in each glass, top with the cream & meringue mixture, sprinkle with the nuts, and as we did, drizzle a little with golden syrup.

Delicious and serves as a wonderful pudding ending any special children’s lunch or dinner!


DSC_3808 e X wm



My favourite Nigel Slater is the author of the original recipe from his series “Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers” which I loved watching as well as following in the kitchen. This one works! Wink.

Find the link to the original recipe here:


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