A Walk Down Portobello Road

Compared to my usual, rather quieter days, a short visit to London’s Notting Hill the other week was a nice change.

Besides the great business of the place itself – because I live in a small town in the heart of downright countryside – it was nice to experience a little change in the manner of spending my days, too – be somewhere I am the one who is kindly looked after and taken care of (a proud mother of two little rascals has spoken). This is to thank my friend Zuzana, who did such that and wonderfully!

DSC_0752 e X wm-001





















Apart from the most delightful continental breakfast served in bed, and a long night with “Sleepless In Seattle” afterwards (believe it or not I haven’t seen that movie yet until now! Smile.) or a few lovely strawberry cocktails, she took me for a stroll down Portobello Road in the mild mid-spring sunshine – perhaps we were too lucky about the weather, no complaints here at all.

It was a brilliant weekend, and I’d like to share some quick snaps I took of few of the stalls that I liked a lot.

DSC_0718 e X3 wm-001





















For anyone who loves vintage, be it almost anything you can even think of or imagine – from crockery through handbags, old cameras, paintings, badges, stamps, hats, model toys, jewellery to magazines, records or books – there were plenty of food stalls, which, I naturally couldn’t avoid under any circumstances.

DSC_0727 e Xwm-001

DSC_0726 e X wm-001








































In fact, the diversity, colours, textures and even sounds (yes, food has many a great of them!) all thrilled me a lot.

Under the warm sunlight, in the crowd, with no clouds above and reggae music in far background growing louder as one approaches the busy coconut water sellers, all seems intensified – all the hues and tones of the experience. If I should look for some synonym to Portobello Market, I would call it “a state of excitement”. 

DSC_0741 e X wm-001





















You feel so tempted to stop at every one and and each of them – the stalls with bubbling seafood being prepared for paellas, sizzling German sausages, caramelized burgers, golden crusts of bread loaves, you long just to try a tiny bit of all they so keenly offer you – savour the custards licked of your sticky fingertips, smell the cheese and dozens above dozens of kinds of olives and pickles, wipe the froth of freshly squeezed fruit juice..

DSC_0721 e X3 wm-001






















And after all that dare to walk into the dark, smokey and steamy heaven of cuisines from all around the world.. just one “under- the – bridge” step away from you!

And you do it, you go for it, you accept the challenge! There’s nothing that could stop you!

Hear the spritz, the sizzle, hiss and burn and fry – all in one amazing accord!

DSC_0722 e X 2 wm-001






















I loved my weekend break in London, and believe me, I am already looking forward to see some more!

How about you, where will your summer steps take you this year? Wink.



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