Couscous With Butternut Squash

It has been a sort of a rule for us that Saturdays always called for a little simpler cooking, in order to give us less time spent in the kitchen and more time outdoors.

The Couscous & Butternut Squash is an ideal meal for that reason, it is so quick – and so nice!

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Peel and scrape the seeds out of the butternut squash ( I usually use half a plant for one meal), dice it into cubes (1x1cm approx), place on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with a bit of sea salt and smoked paprika. Cover with kitchen tin foil and roast in a preheated oven (200 ºC / 180 ºC fan ) for about 30 minute till soft.

Prepare couscous according to the packaging instructions, use a 100g couscous, with 150ml boiling hot liquid. I usually use vegetable stock with it. But you can always do with just hot water. I also add a knob of butter in the end and stir it lightly in, couscous tastes milder with it. This takes just a few minutes. Fluff your couscous with a fork, try not using spoons, it would stick the grains together, and that may make them look and feel mushy.

Heat up 2 tbsp olive oil in a deeper pan, then stir fry a small finely diced onion, three chopped sundried tomatoes and two small red and orange peppers till golden (I usually buy a package of these peppers, they’re very sweet and juicy, each of them just between 5 – 10 cm large, see the photo above).  Stir in couscous and gently fold in the squash cubes.

Serve warm, with freshly chopped mint leaves and add chopped roast pine nuts for an even better taste. We love it.


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