Chicken & Sausage Leftover Makeover

Sometimes I think I could apply for a “leftover makeover” degree if such a thing existed. On one hand, you can think it’s not proper meals, on the other, who dictates how exactly the ingredients were meant to be used?

Adding to that, it is also a good thing to teach my boys not to be wasteful, rather on quite contrary be a bit creative and inventive.

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Like these Chicken & Sausage Creamy Linguine – a recipe which I didn’t really test as many times as the other usual recipes. I just made it, liked it a lot, and thought it to be a good idea to share for all the above mentioned reasons. I will also not use exact measures, simply because you never know what & how much there will be left in your fridge. The main rule is to use the leftover ingredients well combined, and you surely will end up with a great brand new meal.

These linguine take very little effort to prepare! They’re an ideal way to go with your Sunday roast chicken, which, as we know, is wonderful when freshly made, but not so amazing the next day – yet still good enough to be used for something else.

Follow the packaging instructions to cook your pasta, and while that is being done, you’ll have a plenty of time to get the meat mixture and the cream sauce ready.

In a large sauce pan, on few tablespoons of olive oil, shortly stir fry some roughly chopped spring onions with one handful of fresh thyme. Add cubes of pancetta, and the sausage meat. Stir fry well for a few minutes until crisp golden. Then add your chicken meat – you need to have that pre – prepared, meaning, take any nice good meat from the bones, and cut into smaller pieces before, and add that into the meat pan. Chicken meat is already done, so it is enough to stir fry the mixture now for just as long as all is properly hot through.

For the sauce you will need leftover single cream (I had more that 150ml), add that into a large pan with 50g grated hard cheese (I used pecorino romano) and 1 – 2 crushed garlic cloves. Stir well till the cheese dissolves completely, season to your taste with salt and freshly – ground black pepper.

Remove pasta from the heat once done, saving half a cup of the cooking water aside. Add linguine into the cream sauce, pour in some of the saved water, stirring all well, and by the thickness of the sauce add some more of the water. Stir in the meat mixture, adding some more fresh thyme leaves if you like. Serve straight away piping hot, topped with a little more grated cheese.

This recipe is really easy, takes no time and most definitely will transform your leftover ingredients into a lovely new dish!


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