Prop Up For The New Season

The truth is that behind each and single image, there is not just my camera sitting comfortably on a tripod, or the diffuser and reflectors overlooking the scene, but, of course, it is the actual props – and beyond the physical, it is also the time one can invest – in gathering them all, and preparing them for their future roles. They all don’t just appear on the set.

DSC_9609 e wm-001





















Wooden planks, that need to be nailed together, paints that need to be bought – specific colours & qualities chosen, brushed on, and then there is every little plate, bowl, stand or napkin that is there to be discovered and revived in the food shots.

DSC_2215 e Ex 2 wm






















DSC_2241 e Ex wm




















I started this year well, with a couple of new boards to be polished off, and with a lovely little collection of new dishes, as well as a new set of photography books that I’ve enjoyed reading, and learning from. It is quite something how the time  flies, as the seasons are to change already. Love the thought, and also, cannot wait to be using all these lovelies.

DSC_2564 e Ex wm 2





















The effort of finding the time pays off very well.

DSC_4295 e Ex wm





















When there is a wider choice, there also are more options, and that opens the doors to creativity.

DSC_1800 e wm-001


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