Colourful Noodle Salad

This Vietnamese – style noodle salad has been a pure joy from the beginning till its last noodle.

It is full of colours and bursts with flavours – nicely combined to your full satisfaction.

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I got inspired to try it after seeing an episode from BBC‘s brand new Mary Berry‘s cooking series, Foolproof Cooking, and was happy I did, too, because this salad is so absolutely worth it.

I opted for not using carrots, red pepper and bean sprouts, due to our little  home demands, and swapped them for steamed sliced baby fennels and baby corn, adding bamboo shoots, too.

A little amendment, to make the smaller eaters more comfortable, which hasn’t made the original recipe’s idea short of nothing – we had crayfish tails, ginger, garlic, cucumber, spring onions, chillies, fresh herbs (corriander & mint) and fine rice noodles, all seasoned with salt & pepper, tossed together and served with an amazing dressing.

That is also as easy to make as well as to remember – it’s the 3 x 3 +1 combination: 3 tbsp of each fish sauce, lime juice, light muscovado sugar and 1 tbsp of sesame oil.

Serve with chopped peanuts if you like.

This salad, originally meant as a summer recipe, has the ability to get you through any of these last grey winter days in a jiffy! We loved it so much!  I am sure you will, too, so get the ingredients, and start your happy chopping & tossing! Wink.


For the image I used natural light from above and 1 o’clock, diffused, blocked by a V-flat from the left, reflected with mirrors, silver reflectors and a white card. My camera settings were: ISO 125, f/2.8 at 1/20s shutter speed.

Find the original recipe using this link:




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