Strawberry Tart ~ Shoot & Indulge

It doesn’t need to be just an ending to a romantic dinner, it can simply be an afternoon tea treat – or as more likely in my case, a shoot. Or both – a “shoot & treat”.
Anytime. Smile. Wink.
I love these strawberry tarts, with their translucent layer of smooth jelly lingering over the fruit and cheese cream.
 DSC_2505 eX2 wm
Indulgent, attractive, and in a little different light this time as well – more than a pretty spot for my viewfinder. I love the way it reflects, and I love the way it makes the tart stand out beautifully against this darker background.
I have  dedicated my recent weeks to all the enjoyable activities connected with my work – for it is not just the shutter button I use.
I’ve been rather busy. With the start of the year I added more new wooden boards to my backgrounds collection, bought some lovely shades of chalk paints for them (you can see one of them being used in the images in this post), did a few hunts on new props, and also, tried some new techniques in my post process. I also set off a lovely project on which I surely will write in a separate blog post.
Today I just wanted to share my latest images of strawberry tarts, blocking the light even more intensely than before to bring out the best of my pretty subject – which by chance also happens to be my favourite tea treat – therefore the choice of both “shoot & indulge” sounds absolutely terrific to me.
Here comes more work, hand in hand with lots of those little things that all add to my production. I truly love that, and hope it can be seen and felt from my images.
DSC_2496 eX wm
So, on the eve of St Valentine’s Day it actually is the love of my work that I shared with you. I am so happy to admit I love – I love what I do, and that sounds like a proper blessing. And I am more than thankful for that, too!
Hope you enjoy your day surrounded by and doing all you love!

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