Pecan Pancakes On The Set

I am adding my two cents to the pancake avalanche that has been descending upon us these few weeks: gorgeous Pecan Pancakes, or Maple Pecan Pancakes as originally named by their author Martha Rose Shulman (featured in NYTimes/Cooking), are labelled as “healthy” for a good reason – the flour used to make them is a combination of the wholemeal & almond flour.

DSC_0053 e wm





















I adapted the original version – I didn’t use cranberries in the pancake mixture, and used vegetable oil that I had at hand already. For the rest I followed her recipe completely, which resulted indeed in very scrumptious pancakes of beautiful, nutty taste and truly delicate texture. Adding the syrup accomplishes your day! Gold!

DSC_0013 e1 wm





















My only advice would be to handle them with real care – from  being rather sparing while dropping your batter onto the heated pan , to flipping them over cautiously, too. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded – they are wonderfully deep in taste, yet feel absolutely light all along.

They made a lovely eye – catching subject for my shoot, because, no need to emphasize, the pancake syrup trickle is a joy to work on for every food photographer, I think everyone must love it – it gives immediate results, and attracts the viewer from almost every angle.

Beware, of course, of the sort of pancakes you’re shooting, and still where would the light be best reflected against the golden drip. Also, it’s good to show the atmosphere – are they meant to be for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert? All that counts into planning your set, and adjusting light conditions – as well as the post process in addition.

I did a little “setting – the – scene” video, for which I used few JPGs – view the short video on my Facebook or Instagram pages:

For the blog here, I add this collage of the images used in it – so you have a look at the process of “building up” your scene. Adding objects to the frame, or even movement – e.g. by pouring the syrup – for all this, pancakes are really more than a plausible dish to capture.

PicMonkey Collage 2


If you’d like to make these golden pancakes, find all Martha’s ingredients & instructions here:


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