Before The Light Sets In

There’s these long winter evenings, dark and gloomy – which I always enjoy overcoming by lighting some candles, and then, fight the cold with something warm. May be a cup of tea, or even cocoa, or something like this good chilli goat cheese, which I shot the other month for my winter series.

DSC_7423 e





















Not that this is the only way to go through winter nights. Naturally, there’s the festive preparations, which can keep one quite busy, or on more ordinary days, it’s ok just to snuggle up and either watch a favourite movie, or read a book, or play a game with your little ones.

All that counts. And as soon as the all the festivities come to an end, I look forward to the new beginnings, or any little change that every year brings on bit by bit, month by month.

DSC_7521 e





















Among the first of them are the changing hours for the sunset – I am extremely happy to observe as the minutes add each and every single day – understand me, I shoot mostly with natural light, so “daylight” to say, and so appreciate all of it, the whole year.

Then, of course, it’s the more personal thing – watch your little people grow, develop and achieve – one of the most wonderful things a man can experience. And I love that so much!
This time last year, I was still expecting, and looked forward to those changes – and yup!, it has been some fun indeed! For all of us – for the baby himself, naturally, knowing the new world, new life, and for us – learning to live in this world with this brand new somebody.

DSC_7542 e





















Hope this next year will bring on as much joy as this one has, if not even more!

Wishing you all the best on every step you take & happy clicking to all my photographer friends!


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