May you be merry! .. and compassionate & kind!

Listening to Bin Crosby’s White Christmas, trying to imagine snow in our sun – lit backyard, thinking of the Little Person ice – skating last week – in a half – melted ice rink..

Well, it’s not the snow or cold that I am missing, I am quite happy being under weather as it is right now – not even joking, truly, being thankful for all – even the breeze, or rain, or sunshine.

DSC_9006 e





















What I am missing these days is the compassion and good will. I see a lot of prejudice on the other side.

Perhaps it all just comes with the times we are living. Perhaps that is the survival instinct in us.

Still, what a difference a little act of kindness can make! Anywhere and anytime.

DSC_9035 e






















I won’t come with long messages, only the thought of gratitude and love.

They don’t stand in any way to our being merry or happy.

It’s not only the silver leaf that makes Christmas..  Applicable throughout the whole of the year.

May you be all happy, dear friends!


And if these gorgeous little cookie cakes would add to your happiness, then there’s not much ado about them. Also, they are a fantastic joy to make!

See them building up the lovely tree is so satisfying! Smile.

DSC_8998 e




















I got inspired by Molly from a wonderful blog .

I myself used a different recipe for the dough and icing, however, the idea of the cute cookie cake came all from her – I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

You find her original recipe and many more brilliant ideas here:




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