Sweet Chilli Salmon & Potato Salad

Now that even the Indian summer’s gone – seemingly for good, and those good old rainy misty mornings and days are here – seemingly to stay, it feels quite nice to comfort yourselves with something warming – which this salad with its vibrant reds and chilli tones definitely comes up to.

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And it also is simple to make – a very cliched expression, but you know I wouldn’t bother you with that if it weren’t such undeniable truth.

Boil baby potatoes, keep skin on, of course, till they’re tender. These themselves are so sweet and crisp, ideal for any salad – warm or cold. While still hot, add a table spoon of butter and sprinkle salt over them, give them a light shake in the pan – this way the butter melts easily and covers them all.

The second hero there is the honey roast salmon – which I had bought in portions, and each package has about 200g. But use as much as you fancy – both with potatoes and salmon, it’s entirely up to you, depending how many people will have the dish. Count about 100g salmon per person, with about roughly 200g potatoes per portion.

Fork flake or use fingers to break larger or smaller chunks of  salmon, slice as many as you like French breakfast radishes ( I prefer them to the usual round radishes because I find them juicier and somehow more mellow… but naturally, the usual ones are just as perfect as French breakfast ones), finely chop a good handful of fresh parsley leaves.

Stir potatoes with sliced radishes and parsley in a bowl. Sprinkle juice of a quarter of lemon over and give another light stir. In a separate bowl with the flakes and chunks of salmon, drizzle well with sweet chilli sauce – here again, it is about what you prefer better – I love the lighter one, but should you enjoy the hotter one more, add that one.

Finally, place the sauced salmon chunks over the potato base served in the salad bowl – and enjoy!

This salad is so season versatile – chilled in the summer days, and warm & chilli hot in autumn or winter – its colour, texture and taste will definitely kick in some hue and life to the grey days ahead this autumn!



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