Fresh Garden Peas

These beautiful garden peas are an instant childhood memory for me. I loved them especially as a pupil in the spring as a promise of the summer holidays coming. Nowadays it is more about their sweetness as it is, but still one particular joy stays the same as ever before – opening up the pods to get the peas out. Fantastic! Such pleasure every single time.

DSC_3883 e





















The warmest season is gone now, and having the Indian summer here smiling at us is quite a lovely follow on.

We had such nice holidays, both my “Little Persons” enjoyed the company of their family here visiting us, as well as some really breath – taking trips around our county and central Scotland. Amazing days! We’re quite sorry all that is gone, but looking forward to the coming new seasons. I can already feel the morning and evening chill, as well as the days getting slightly shorter.

That together with having loads of baby gadgets like a walker, play pen, feeding high chair, play mat… and so on, with the Littlest Person himself becoming much more on his move than before, I also do realize there will surely be no safe space for my winter umbrellas as it used to be – meaning my photographic gear, and I am trying to get as much of the natural light as possible. Besides that, I decided to try out something a little new, a smaller kind of “daylight – like” lighting, and we’ll see how that will work for me.

One of the first shots I used it for, just trying, was these fresh garden peas and the garden pea salad that I made with them. Delicious! And what do you think of the light? It seems it can work when needed – especially in darker autumns and winters.

DSC_3991 e





















For the salad I also used boiled new baby potatoes, finely chopped mint, lemon juice, olive oil and grilled Halloumi cheese. I made my favourite dressing with natural yoghurt, white balsamic vinegar and honey. The garden peas were cooked in boiling water for just two minutes. All quick to make – and quick to eat as well. We liked it very much, it is refreshing on warm sunny days, and can be served both for light lunches or dinners, whichever you prefer. I found the original recipe in BBC’s Good Food July 2015 issue – as many other inspiring ideas.. and gorgeous food images as always.

Hope you will like it and enjoy the last of the summer beams!



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