An Ode To This Summer

I love summer, always had, and most likely always will.






















I love the kind, peaceful sort of summer – which invites you to explore, to relax, to enjoy. If I should be honest, one probably may find it hard to enjoy himself after hearing all that happens in the world nowadays.

It may be the sweet blindness of the younger age when I paid less attention to it all, or quite possibly that I was so busy with all I myself had to face,  or it might be the fact, that with the age I have become much more appreciative of all I have ever had and have now. It could be the simplest of things.






















For all the summers as I remember them always represented peace, long mornings, hot and still middays, and then, there were the evenings, when if spent out, I always enjoyed those by the fireplace at our cottage the most as well as the serene quiet after the day’s work done at my grandmother’s.






















Mind you, in my life it had always been about the student and then teacher summers. Because that is what I had been for long.






















Much has changed since, and perhaps I am more sensitive about certain things, simply because I feel the responsibility for more than just myself. That is what makes all that you can give to those important ones even more significant.






















For some time it’s also been about what you can give them to remember, or to enjoy, and also, what you will go through together, creating the memories – and thus becoming a part of someone else’s memories.






















Summer is a wonderful opportunity. Restore, recharge, re-establish. Go ahead stronger.

And I am recalling all that had been crucial and most fundamental for me before. It has changed. Not because I don’t teach anymore, I guess I could do that again, and what had changed wouldn’t come back to its previous state anyway. Not also because I became a mother. That is very natural.






















I assume this all goes hand in hand with – if I may reveal my heart – personal and professional changes. I understand more than before, and I appreciate more than I did before.






















If I sound like speaking in riddles, it hasn’t been my intention. It is just another summer day, and like everything in this life, it seems to have it all – both sun & cloud. And I found myself recalling the beautiful times of the past, yet, rejoicing in the thoughts of now.. Especially today.






















I still have lots of questions and much to learn, for sure.

And most predictably, I will learn a lot as I will go. By that, I will be able to leave and give even more as legacy to those important ones. Hope their summers will also be memorable ones, summers they can return to in their minds on some other days, some days when people, hopefully, will be able to respect the idea of humanity. In its positive meaning. When kindness makes us human.






















It is not about falling, it is about getting up and going again, perhaps together with someone else by your side. That is more powerful that threats. That, to me, takes more courage.






















I do hope you and your loved ones enjoy this summer, and hopefully, all we learn will be used well some day.


All images shot on location –  Groombridge, Kent. Beautiful, stunning place.



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