Afternoon Tea With Scones

They looked very pretty, freshly baked, put on flowery dessert plates, with knives and small bowls of clotted cream and strawberry jam at their side. Hot tea nearby.

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Yes, the scones. And we were  lucky to have many packed to take home, too. What a bliss!

It was so lovely to see our friend again, a nice occasion as always, to share the news and to talk things that are coming ahead as well as, now and then, mention a few memories we had. Having known each other for just a couple of years, even little things count.

Besides that, we’re just so simply happy for her, it’s that kind of happiness which goes beyond anything one can explain in words. And that makes these moments even brighter.

Having a fine time the other afternoon, when she prepared the cream tea for us, with the wonderful smell of freshly baked scones and chocolate brownies, we came to a little question – of how we should have our scones served. Not that this would particularly bother us – oh no, please, understand, we could have them any way. It was just that good old “cream or jam first?” thing.

And the answer is, of course, “that depends”..

DSC_1702 e





















Is it Devon, or is it Cornwall way you fancy more? With or without butter, too? And there’s been so much written about that, about these little “cream & jam” battles going on out there, the way the British scones are served..

You can think of Devon, where I read the scones originated, and have them with cream and jam on top, or think of Cornwall, with jam and cream on top. One way or another, the differences are subtle, and you enjoy them just the same, don’t you? Have them with a nice pot of hot tea, and you’re as happy as a June bug.. just a thought of June coming, otherwise, I can say, as happy as a queen. And let’s say, at that, as Queen Victoria.

If you’d like to read a bit of how the afternoon teas started, and find a recipe for Queen Victoria’s Scones, or a bit more on the “cream or jam first” question, check the links I add to this post:


3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea With Scones

  1. These scones look delicious, what a tempting photo Miriam! It made me remember the tea time and scones I had so often (too often!) when I lived in Glasgow!! 🙂

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