Apple Salad On Mushroom Croutes

This fine light salad adds juice and colour to your lunch scheme, it’s easy to prepare and joy to have any day.

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Some salads truly may be complex, built by chefs from the scrap bottom to the top of textures and flavours they want to enhance and offer you. Others, on the other hand, are absolutely easy, and yet, looking gorgeous and tempting as ever. Well, the chefs know best I suppose.

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I found inspiration for this simple lunch by seeing one of “15 – Minute Meals” episodes by fantastic Jamie Oliver. (Look for links to his sites at the end of my post.)

It was actually a recipe for a mushroom soup with Stilton, apple & walnut croutes. What caught my eye more than the soup was the actual toasted bread with mushrooms and apples, and I decided to go for something similar. I used artisan bread, which I toasted on a dry iron cast pan, with slices of chestnut mushrooms at the side, then  rubbed the toast with halved garlic clove, seasoned with a bit of salt and freshly – ground black pepper, placed slices of brie on top and let on the pan till the cheese started running.

I used half red and green apples each to slice quite thinly, sprinkled with freshly – squeezed lemon juice and tossed with a handful of chopped parsley leaves in a bowl. Then I simply served it with my toasted bread, mushrooms and cheese.. and thought I was in some sort of lunch heaven for a little moment.

DSC_9083 e





















(I made the croutes the other day with slices of cheddar, and the effect was basically just about the same.)

It really doesn’t take that much to make one happy – such little effort for so much lovely taste!

Have fun! Wink.


Find the complete original recipe for Mushroom soup with Stilton, apple and walnut croutes by Jamie Oliver here:

For more culinary inspirations by Jamie Oliver have a look here:



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