The Good News This Spring

It seems a very long time since I posted on my blog here, and no wonder – the days pass by so fast, honestly, all comes to me as in a flash.
Being a Mum to a Newborn & the Little Person, as well as trying to come back to my photos, is quite challenging most of the time.

DSC_8023 e 01However, while hanging anywhere between the feeding, winding, sleeping, nappy changing demands from the tiny one, I find it quite rewarding to spend many moments reading, watching or listening to anything about food & photography.

It really seems to me, that the more demanding and time – consuming tending to the tiny one is, the more stimulating it is somehow just as well, while I try to find my own space and moments.

Even though that should mean being in some sort of a constant marathon. As to that, not only physically, but also in my mind – I always think, plan and try to project and frame all the images ahead, but also try to store and organize all I see, hear and learn for the future use.

So, I can say, I definitely am making a virtue of necessity, and hope this all will lead somewhere.

(Alright, I also hope, in some time our little angel will be a little less demanding, and beside some actual sleep I will get some more time to fulfill all those ideas I am thinking of now. Big smile.)

Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy the bright spring days with our little lovely bundle of joy & his amazing big brother, with all it comes with.

DSC_8687 www PM


The truth is, I love it all, because I know only too well that the challenges almost always turn into something very rewarding.

Hope you all have a beautiful spring this year, too.

Lots of love your way! (Wink & Smile)

Miriam xx


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