Fast Sins With Artichokes & Co.

This one is a quick note to myself, although shared with everyone here, too. I need to keep the idea somewhere. It usually takes three or more times till I am sure about some recipe. Usually. You need the exact kinds of ingredients, you need the amounts, times, the ways of making a dish, all tested for three times at least. This one had its sole premiere last weekend, when one of my lovely friends came to see me.

Being rather busy these days, I didn’t have any extra time to come with anything too complicated, and as always, needed something quick and tasty. In such cases, what one needs to do is give your fridge & shelves a quick scan, and face the ideas that come straight away.

So, the other Saturday I treated my dear friend to a tasty lunch, prepared without much fuss, and with the intention to give her another try on some of the Slovak ingredients. Plus, I love when people enjoy food – even if the food sometimes has some sins in it.

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I still remember one fine early summer afternoon, when this very friend and I enjoyed gorgeous coffee & ice-cream in one of the local parks, when she uttered the now already legendary sentence: “This is so good, there must be some sins in it..” And don’t take us wrong, it is because she joined a special weight watching team, and one of the things they do there is to count the goodies & the so-called “sins” in what they consume in order to keep their best fit.. Well, and that’s where I knew for sure, this lunch I was going to make for her, was most certainly one of such sinner meals.

The artichoke galette was made of few ingredients, and I hope I will remember them all now..
You need one packet of filo pastry, spread two to three table spoons of tomato paste evenly over it, and place the topping bits equally all over the sheet.

I chose tinned artichoke hearts, sliced into thirds vertically, thinly sliced Slovak smoked sausage (use chorizo as substitute), diced Slovak smoked bacon (buy a whole piece of it, not in rashers), lovely Slovak blue Niva cheese (you will do just fine with Stilton as well), mozzarella pearls, freshly ground black pepper and brush the edges of the galette with beaten egg. Bake in the oven according to the filo pastry packet instructions, but I usually do for 15 minutes at 180 ºC / fan. And that’s it.  With preparation, altogether a very fast thing – might take perhaps up to thirty minutes which is very little, especially if you, like me now, kind of need to watch the time of all you do constantly.

The rest of the story is purely up to you. Enjoy the company of your friends and the time spent with them, along with all the petty sins you share from time to time or on more regular terms..  because we all know they’re absolutely worth it!



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