Retrospectives &Prospects, Otherwise Just Quick Hummus & Shoot

I took the pictures used in this post springtime last year. I like the fact how with some time I can reflect on my own work – handling different sorts of light conditions given at every and each of my shoots, the styling process as well as the decisions about the angles, reflections, focus or depth of field, exposure settings. And naturally, there’s still much more to this work, of course. With every single image.

DSC_2921 e





















I like how I am following. And now, as I usually do once in a while, I also like to realize that I move on, in a rather humble manner, for some, but still I do.

Changes come and go, in a greater or smaller retrospective I can notice them all. Everyone goes through that process – and sometimes you see why things happen, and you’re left understood and confident afterwards, ready for the next step to take.

DSC_2868 e






















Facing some changes and new things even right now, I am getting ready to step further and walk along, looking forward to see the new things to come.

Oh, I will learn new stuff once again this year, no doubt! Smile.

Join me, embrace the beauty of your own development. We all know that even the most unexpected turning points often come out very well for you. They’re not less positive, they’re just unexpected, and the masterclass of life teaches us to deal with them and use them for our own good – for the practical everyday use of them, or to become a part of our innate character.

You may choose not seeing them as a quick and easy way to some sort of profound happiness, you may choose more considerate path, leading to your own kind of self-content being.

DSC_2933 e





















Now, to the subject of these images – I’ll be absolutely brief.

If it is also time for you to try out something new, I’ll have a link with the ingredients and instructions to make this simple, filling, yet light meal, which I was used to rather buying than making my own before – hummus.

I am sure there are more versions, I myself needed something very quick and this recipe by Jill Dupleix for BBC did just that for me. You definitely may amend it to your own liking.

My personal goal at that time was to try shooting some food of no particular shape, that might be a bit demanding – because yes, hummus is not a pretty slice of cake that would attract the eye, neither it is a bunch of freshly picked vegetables that lure basically anyone to reach out and munch on them.

Well, no, hummus has its own specific texture and appearance, and I just wanted to give it a go. So, here it is, and I wonder if I made you think of trying it, too. Let me know, I’d love to hear from you. Wink.


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