The Last Indulgence, Tiramisu

To mention “New Year’s resolutions” right now would be a great cliche, and I wouldn’t like to bother anyone with anything of that sort. No worries.

Despite the fact, that I myself had to do some changes already and will have to continue, as far as my own way of eating is concerned, I will not give up on the loved ones’ and readers’ taste buds.

So, here comes a lovely, and quite presentable dessert I would say, that will not play on anyone’s emotions or conscience.

DSC_6433 e





















I also do not quite so particularly like one expression when used with desserts, or sweet goodies, as if it should make anyone feel almost guilty, or as if it should add any more of believable decency regarding the quality or lust & indulgence awakening fondness of something like the mentioned dessert itself – and alright, the expression is decadent.

You know I admire Dianne Jacob‘s work and find it very inspiring, as I’m sure it has been to many – and to her helpful lists of words and expressions to be used or not (in this case) with food, I would happily add decadent.

On the other hand, let’s face the truth, I myself am guilty of calling certain foods or meals darlingsbeautiescuties, or even sweethearts. And with no regret at all I enjoy addressing some of my favourite photography and styling props this way, too.

Anyway, no matter what kind of attributes, more or less suitable to your personal liking and expectation of style or value, you would like to accredit to this dessert – and it might be also one of very common or simple, too, because Tiramisu really is nothing new under the sun, I could tell this one most certainly is one of the most indulgent as well as dear sweets ever. Despite being so common, and you might say, so normal. We all know though, it is neither modest nor plain or workaday kind of cake, so name it any of the words you like best, still we cannot change the fact that  Tiramisu always is somewhere a bit above.

DSC_6385 e


I made and shot this one earlier this year, in the early autumn, some time around my nameday, and used feathers as props to give a slight suggestion of lightness, despite the creaminess that might come hand in hand with guilt or self-blame.

I will not be writing the recipe now, I will give you a very helpful link of the recipe I used to make this treat (find the link attached at the end of this post), and where the original creators call this dessert best-ever. Only that I amended it slightly, I used about half less double cream as well as that mine was non-alcoholic. Good quality vanilla paste and almond essence also helped me here.

Enjoy the last hours of this year, think hopefully of the new one coming, focus on all the good as much as you can, try not to regret your happiness, give secret wishes a chance perhaps this time, and if you may, definitely do not avoid any kind, innocent and harmless temptations.. as this one for example. Smile.


Lots of love your way,

Miriam xx


Recipe used and slightly amended for this photo shoot I found on BBC Good Food website:


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