On The Move

It hasn’t been so long ago and here we are in a new place once again.

DSC_7425 e





















Some stuff still in the boxes, though not much of such left luckily, and I have already tried some shooting. The light is fine, I can say, comparing it to the previous place, and for what I will need for now, I must add.

One has to do what one has to do, and we had to find a spot that will fulfill our current needs.

I’m glad we’re here, it’s lovely bright space, in a quiet location, too. But just as before, I miss something very particular about our previous home.

DSC_7408 e





















Few years ago it was the green and peace of the village area, and now it is the people we shared moments of our lives with. Still, not to moan, I feel blessed to have been there for a while, to have had a chance to know them.

Perhaps everyone feels the same, when leaving places behind. Or, on the other hand, perhaps people don’t, perhaps they just go on. Well, I might be too sensitive. Right, I know I am, nothing to hide.

That is also why I always have something to miss, someone to think about. No matter how much I am trying to see the visions of the new comings, I still have something to look at behind.

DSC_7391 e

For now, I am sending them my best thoughts and wishes, happy to know where they are and hopeful we can still keep in touch.

It’s been nice to live next door to you, and it’s quite reassuring to know where to find you. Hope to see you soon, dear friends, perhaps here …

Lots of love till then,

Miriam xx



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