Apple Pie Wanderlust

This may be just one of the brilliant examples of the recipe round the world wandering:

Apple Sharlotka

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A link to which I found very recently on one of my fellow food photographer & stylists’ pages – on one side of the globe,  with a lovely story, ingredients & instructions found on another page, belonging to a food writer, photographer and blogger on the other side of the globe.

I myself, being somewhere in the middle of them, have been delighted by both trying the recipe for the cake as well as doing a lovely shoot, with what was left of the pie at our home. Happy Mum smile.

DSC_7218 e





















As Lili says, I agree, the pie is truly simple to make, tastes wonderful and really is moist for the amount of apples in it. Also, as Deb tells you – it can make a lovely and quick weekday night dessert – the way I also used it, served us well for a nice midweek afternoon tea when my little son’s friend and his Mum came for tea.

To be fair, I need to add, I used the recommended amount of apples, but will add more when I make it next time because it didn’t come out as I had expected with a whole structure built of apples. In my case it seemed to have a nearly equal amount of both apples and the batter.

Nevertheless, this pie is a great opportunity to use a simple seasonal ingredient – apples – in some of its best forms – light, moist sharlotka surely has a lot of potential to make you happy on one of this autumn’s days.

DSC_2533 e 2

Links to both ladies’ blogs:

For Lili Basic Capaccetti’s Food Photography & Styling visit:

The original Apple Sharlotka and many more great recipes by Deb Perelman visit:



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