The Summer Next Year

So we made it!

We moved here one year ago, and now realizing how much forward we got since then is just amazing. I remember not being very happy to change the houses, but if you need to do something, you try to look ahead, rather than backwards. The biggest change, of course, was the first school year for our little boy.

His achievements are fantastic and we’re so proud of him. One big happy Mum’s smile.

DSC_5155 e





















The time for his well – deserved summer holidays has come, and he is enjoying it a lot, and is especially excited about his travel to the continent, to see his grandparents and the rest of the family.

Our little explorer is very keen on the seaside as well as forests.

This year he’s getting both. I wish him he would enjoy every single moment – these are the times, I suppose, he will be recalling once.

DSC_5000 e


Hopefully this summer will be full of adventures for him to look forward to.


DSC_5012 e 2 - Copy





















I also hope he’ll have good weather on this his first real big school break.

Sometimes you get surprised by truly unexpected things, and even more so when it is something you experience the very first time – ever!

A week ago, the two of us enjoyed a beautiful summer evening view, not knowing that our house was going to get struck by a lightning in the coming storm. Twice actually.

DSC_5108 e-001

Nothing serious happened after all, only some minor damage to our landline, so we stayed left with no connection for a couple of days. Now all’s fixed and working back again.

We had a chance to enjoy the time we otherwise would have spent on the internet  differently, and so there was more space for brick building, reading, drawing, picture taking and editing, dressing up in fancy costumes and making up some fantastic stories.. even cuddling one of the neighbourhood cats seemed more precious than usually, because her visits became more anticipated over the last few days. Happy her, too.

So, after all, if  life brings on something not quite expected, even scary perhaps, it might be worth considering or exploring the other ways – even using the misfortunes for your own good, turning them into something more useful, try to ignore the negatives.

DSC_5123 e





















I know it is much easier to say than do, and I am fully aware of that – even not practising this at all – you should see me panicking or worried far too often than I should maybe.. That is also a part of life, and it’s all ok I guess.

I wonder, how really will our Little Person remember these days, and then, also, what there might be ahead of us again.. what will I say, and what will be my next year’s summer rundown, too.
Let’s see, let’s find out, and let’s get surprised a little – hopefully nicely!


2 thoughts on “The Summer Next Year

  1. What a wonderful post 🙂
    I am glad you guys are ok, and congratulations to your boy. I agree with you completely about your time is actually well-spent without internet. Have a wonderful Summer, my friend 🙂

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