Likya Turkish Ocakbasi Restaurant

This time I have no recipe inspiration, dear friends, maybe some quick photo snaps that may inspire rather a traveller or gourmet, a brief post for those of you who might find yourselves near this very spot this summer. I’ve been invited to a grill restaurant in Greater London area the other weekend.

I personally love grilled food, and our lunch at Likya Restaurant was my first time there, following the recommendation of a couple of good friends.

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Since we entered the whole place felt very inviting and welcoming.

Hot steam and tempting scents of freshly grilled kebabs, sizzling vegetables and roast doners being prepared at the entrance view made a promise of  a lovely time ahead. And indeed we loved it.

Despite considerably busy tables, we had all attention needed from the moment we were seated to the last minute of our stay. The stuff were friendly and ready to help. At all tables.

Us – the three delightful ladies, smile, couples, groups of friends, families, larger and smaller ones..

DSC_4440 e


When you know that there’s so much to choose from, and you need to make your choice for that one particular day, that one particular occasion – then it gets a little harder, in a good way, naturally. Wink.

I think the safest would be to come back again and again – trying out all the appetizing looking dishes.  Smile.

However, I had to choose, and being a keen doner addict, for the first visit, my choice came to a narrow conduct. Although, not being able to decide further, I was warmly advised to try both lamb and chicken, in one plate, served with salad.

My company chose chicken wings and grilled young chicken… Have a look, and decide for yourselves what these look and imagine what they could have tasted like to you. I myself still have mouth watering only at the memory. What a joy!


DSC_4435 e





















All these preceded by our starters and sides.. velvety artichokes, juicy prawn cocktail,  mellow Ezme salad accompanied by freshly made traditional breads.. and wine! Or fruit juice, then, in my case. Smile.
We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we lost track of time, and quite sadly realized we had to be at another point, and so, having not much chance to enjoy our coffee, we only tried wonderful nutty Baklava and tender Turkish delight which I can still so clearly imagine  it melting on my tongue.

For any of you who would like to try and experience this place and their rich menu, I can only recommend visiting.

To book or simply find more about them follow:



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