Paella Inspired Pan Meal

As I promised, I’ll keep bringing more images and Borough Market inspirations. This time it is beautiful, colourful, very satisfying and comforting Paella.

Anyone who ever walked the market would surely remember the spot where this meal is sold, and it definitely belongs to some of the most popular ones. Naturally, its vibrant colours and alluring textures attracted my eye. After some time, at home, I tried to make something that would remind us of this dish, a little different, though.
DSC_4668 eFor my simple home version you’ll need a list of ingredients, where each one of them pays well to buy and use.
















You will need risotto rice, as the main ingredient, of course, which you have washed well before the cooking. To add that wonderful bright yellow golden colour, you may either use saffron stigmas, or, simply, as I did, use a teaspoon of turmeric spice.

In a wide deep frying pan ( I used wok) heat olive oil, add seasoned chicken thighs (boneless, cut in chunks), stir fry five  minutes at each side, remove on a separate plate when golden brown. Add sliced chorizo sausages, stir fry for three up to five minutes, remove on a separate plate as well.

While the oil and meat juices are still hot, add a large chopped onion, 2 anchovies,  1 large sliced red pepper, stir, cover and leave on lower heat for five minutes, then add rice and stir it well so it is all covered in the flavoured oil. Once done, add the meat, chorizo, 400 g chopped tomatoes, three garlic cloves (finely chopped), 250 g cooked and peeled king prawns, 70 g squid pieces ( I used pieces in oil, tinned) , a handful of sliced black olives, 200 g broad beans (fresh or frozen), 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper, stir all lightly. Pour over chicken stock, bring to boil, then lower the heat and let simmer uncovered for about 20 min or till the liquid is absorbed. Do not stir the rice meanwhile, it would make it too sticky.

After that, remove your Paella from the heat, cover and let rest for another 10 minutes. Serve warm, sprinkle fresh chopped parsley over it.

DSC_4394 e




















As to the rice and meat measures, I leave that up to you. I used a whole 500 g pack of rice (which filled the pan quite well and served 4 – 6 people) , and 1000ml chicken stock to it,  300 g chicken meat and 250 g chorizo sausages, but honestly, if you wish to change amounts of ingredients that you prefer, do as pleases you. Enjoy! Smile. Wink.



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