Triple Cauliflower Pleasures

This beautiful vegetable has given me three pleasures recently – one while shooting at the Borough Market, London, where I made more images and will be sharing them gradually, then while doing the shoot with one of them, trying out my new light blocking and reflecting boards, and the third pleasure – the taste, when trying  Cauliflower tempura.

DSC_4517 e-001

Each and every one of the occasions made me entirely happy.

















In the first case, it was the beautiful light, softened by the market roof, with the cauliflower sitting comfortably among many other handsome vegetable fellows, as seen in the photo below.  The roofed market gives you much better light than an open air market, where the sunshine can be quite harsh. The glazed dusty roof is a good diffuser  and helps your images a lot.

Then it came to the play of the light reflections which always fascinate me, to say the least. Besides the light, and the new reflect and block boards, it was also a good chance to see how my newly painted background boards will do. I think they proved well and accomplished what I had on my mind before the shoot.

DSC_4386 e





















The third occasion, for anyone of you, who typically consume cauliflower as a boiled or steamed side dish, or as a cauliflower cheese dinner, or even the cream of cauliflower soup, here is a chance to change a bit again, and see for yourself how yet another way of eating it can make a difference. Perhaps to even those of you who think they do not like it. Or, let’s say, haven’t liked it till now.

Here’s one of ways to go with lovely cauliflower:

Try this BBC Good Food recipe, which I followed, tried and loved. Hope you will like it, too.

A note here: very enchanted by the easiness of this tempura batter, I had to try it with meat – with chicken breast pieces in particular. Only change I did was, that I seasoned the meat, and dusted each piece with a bit of flour to make sure the batter would hold well. It did indeed, and I ended up with nice golden crunchy chicken nuggets liked by everyone at home. Why not trying making both the same day, either as a main meal, where I used mashed potatoes and sweet and sour pickled beetroot to accompany them, or as a part of the picnic snack? I think you can only win with these. Enjoy! Smile. Wink.


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