Amendments To Improve. And Loving Lasagne, Too.

No secret here – I get inspired for recipes in many different ways, maybe you are just like me.

First come the fresh food products themselves – seeing them, enjoying their scents, shapes, flavours, or colours, when I go shopping – and heavens!, do I love shopping for food!, smile.  Then comes the inner tiny voice telling me what I’d like, or perhaps should prepare. And then, there is the joyous search – either in mind, remembering recipes, the good old tested ones, or searching for newer ideas elsewhere – loving my cookery books, cards, or websites that almost never disappoint. Do you have any process similar to this one? Any all – time favourite sources? I have a couple, and am glad they’re there, hopefully to stay.
DSC_4349 e
I am probably the only one in my little family who truly loves lasagne. Definitely more than farfalle, penne or fusilli, even more than spaghetti or tagliatelle and fettucinne.

That is to some kinds of pasta we use, and then it is about how much more I like them compared to the family members. Not to be compared. Not only because I like them more, but simply because they just don’t really like them, especially not the classic beef ragu kind – which I love greatly! I have it prepared by my soul – mate friend once a year to enjoy and remind myself how great it is to know her, and how wonderful her skill in making them is.  To all those of you, who love the classic, I am so proud having her, and wish you could try her version.. perhaps I will share her recipe at some point, but then, that can happen only if I master it to the extent she does, and I haven’t reached that height yet. Smile. A loving one.

Therefore am left, for most of the year, to make other kinds of pasta, or coming with compromises, that keep us all happy. So, I tried lasagne with spinach, soft cheese, mushrooms, and I tried them with salmon, too. Loved them both. Family still suspicious.

Following my above mentioned process of getting the recipe ideas, I found a nice one for the vegetarian Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne.
DSC_4233 e





















I quite regularly read the comments underneath the published recipes, when published online – a great source of straightforward reactions.

For this one in particular, most of the comments were quite negative. So, I assumed, it’s either about different tastes, or the recipe was not tested enough. Then I also thought of more possible reasons why it was not successful, and what was the most common reason of dissatisfaction.

Then I also thought of how much people rely on someone else’s tastes, and ideas, and also, why they simply do not amend them to their own liking. I am not saying you need to be able or even keen amending someone else’s recipes. It is a matter of trust, and besides, the author’s own reliability, reputation even.  I also still believe a recipe should “go out” once it is tried and tested enough to be of good standard.  Especially, when you aim to be the creator and recognized as a recipe developer, or chef. No doubt.

DSC_4283 e-001

So, based on the comments, and my own experience, I only amended the original recipes, I adjusted the amounts of ingredients to my liking, and added what I needed – which as a whole didn’t result in a complete change of the original recipe, but satisfied my taste buds a great deal.

DSC_4339 e





















I believe anyone who enjoys cooking, and even if they don’t enjoy it, can do the same – make a little change, comfort themselves, not complaining about someone else’s ideas, but creating their own.

So, for the family, where one truly loves lasagne, and the rest don’t, but enjoy eating pasta, I amended the vegetarian version, and later on, tried with salmon and more cheese, which was quite successful. In both cases, however, I added a cheesy sauce, which added the moisture and creaminess. That is what I think the original recipe lacked the most.

Instead of giving you my own version recipes, I have a link of the site, which I often use for the recipe inspiration, for the meal ideas, and hopefully, you will find some useful ones there, too. I also often find beautiful inspiring food photography there as well, and so, I can only say, I hope this site is here to stay.. BBC Good Food Recipes

Browse and find out more here:

Happy tasty amending, creating, inventing, dear friends!






2 thoughts on “Amendments To Improve. And Loving Lasagne, Too.

  1. Like you, when it comes to the recipe, I don’t follow it precisely either, unless it’s baked goods.
    I am glad you didn’t get discourage by the bad reviews because I really like this Lasagne of yours.

    P.S. your photography website is outstanding. Love it very much.

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