Don’t Give Me Ice-Cream, Give me Noodles.. In Pink.

I’m definitely not trying to impress anyone with the above statement – it was a thought of the moment, a tiny fragment of time, when I knew I wanted these bowls.

A lovely friend of mine, who kept me company that day, took them for cereal or ice – cream bowls, and promptly praised them, being so cute and of such nice colour, and asked whether I wanted to use them… for ice – cream.

DSC_3745 e-001

“I have not the slightest idea yet,” I replied, and truly, I had no clue whatsoever how I would like to use them.

I knew she was as romantic as me. It is good to have a friend of your kind taking your side when you cannot decide whether to get something you yet have no use for, when you just like it.











Pastel pink is very feminine, isn’t it so? They surround you with it ever since you’re born, as a girl, and later on, when your life moves on, sometimes, when you need, seek or give love, you also like to buy some little pink bits and pieces, because that colour just has it all – it’s tender, it’s caring, it nurtures and calms you down. They say.

DSC_3742 e

So, when I, as a food photographer see this bowl.. I think – Pink… I love salmon, I love berries, and I love ice-cream. Not all in one single plate, naturally.

The other day, I had a go with salmon, accompanied by lovely colourful mixture of veggies. If  you would like a portion, too, read what you need for this gorgeous, yet so simple to make dish.  










Salmon & Peppers Noodles – make it, when you need fresh colour and taste, when you’re sweet and naive a bit, when you’re romantic and warm, and if you don’t like things be too complicated, or even, if you’re a bit flirty, but do not go further than the talk, you know what I mean..
Here we come, this is where you can start – a pink bowl, lovely marine blue table runner, chop sticks and some food – you’ll make yourself a good day, believe me. Wink & smile. Not cheeky, just friendly.

I love large Udon Noodles, and I also used them here. Follow the instructions on the packet of those you buy. To be quick, I took a 125 g pack of honey roast salmon flakes. Vegetables are also simple – just spring onions, and a good 250 ml cup of frozen sliced peppers of different colours (e.g red, orange, yellow, green).
For the sauce I mixed 2 tbsp black bean & soya stir fry sauce, 1 tbsp Teriyaky paste, 1 tbsp sweet plum sauce, 1 tbsp walnut oil, 1/4 tsp salt.

Serve warm, sprinkled with sesame seeds, making yourself very happy and pleased.

If you wish, you can still serve the ice – cream for pudding later on, why not? Wink & smile. A big one.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Give Me Ice-Cream, Give me Noodles.. In Pink.

  1. As a food photographer I envy your beautiful pale pink bowls, I would think of ice cream too, but I think the noodles look fabulous in them….

    You are lucky to have friends you let you share props, I am blessed that way too.

    • Well, Simi – wish my friends did, this was actually shopping, and I was deciding whether to buy them or not.
      To be honest, I really use them for morning cereal, or ice-cream most often.
      Strawberries & cream go really well in them, too 🙂

    • And I’m glad to know I am not alone in this 🙂
      I actually often do that, and then, when on the shoot, it is easier a bit. Sometimes though, I plan ahead, and buy the prop for the actual shoot and the presentation of it I have on my mind – as I did for the “Floating Islands”. That came even with sketches beforehand, and was glad to have found exactly what I wanted 🙂

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