My Blue Lunch

This couldn’t get any simpler. Not because of the process of preparation – which is near to none, or not because of the amount of ingredients, or effort – both as you can see takes almost nothing.

DSC_3424 e 2

I called it My Blue Lunch,  for the dark background I used to shoot this salad, the props and overall mood.

The simplicity is one thing, the taste is another, but here, on this plate, they’re well united with one elementary aim – to please you, by all means.

You really need not more than some fresh lettuce as your base – I used the new blend of Romaine and Iceberg, which truly stands for its O’ So Sweet description. Add sliced radish, a couple of red seedless grapes, halved, or whole, few Spanish pitted black olives, a handful of pecan nuts, and few pieces of good quality French brie cheese.

DSC_3467 e

Toss all the ingredients lightly and gently in a bowl, place on the plate and pour basil dressing over it.















For the basil dressing I used two large fresh basil leaves; torn into small pieces, 2 tbsp walnut oil, 1 tbs honey, 1 tbs white balsamic vinegar.

Serve with fresh baguette and water.

DSC_3442 e

















As to the basil, my best advice to keep the scent and fragrant oils of it work the best for your senses is to keep it fresh as long as possible – do not remove the leaves of the stems beforehand, use the fresh herb only when your salad is ready made and you’re about to make your dressing. Gently tear the leaves into small pieces with your fingers, add to the wet ingredients of the dressing and stir. Alternatively, pour the dressing mixture over your salad and sprinkle the fresh basil leaves over afterwards.

DSC_3387 e












I did not use salt or black pepper, and I loved all the tastes as they came. Hope you will like it as much as I did.
Because “blue” does not always need to mean sad.. Smile.


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