I Heard That Before.. And It’s True!

“Believe in yourself when nobody else does.. “
Mary J. Blige 

DSC_3339 e

Believe in yourself.. 

Motivational clauses like these I heard for so many times before, yet, they had never meant as much to me as they do these days.

I also read somewhere that you need to believe in yourself, because if you don’t, nobody else will.Sounds quite convincing, too.











Be bold, be strong, keep going.. Give, even if you’re not given, love even if you’re not appreciated. Forgive. Be thankful.

On and on I repeat these to myself. Because that also is what I believe in.

Sometimes, however, I forget an important thing – and that all I love, and all I do,  is not done to convince others. It is done because I believe in it. Because I live it.

DSC_3329 eWhen it is is hard to believe in what you do, when even people nearest and important to you stay in their sceptical doubts, leave them be..

They can never see what you see, unless they have your eyes, unless they feel through you.












Be yourself, believe in yourself.

Wish it wouldn’t sound so clichedAnd also, I am not sure if these count at all costs, but then… What really matters?



4 thoughts on “I Heard That Before.. And It’s True!

  1. Hi Miriam, I am sensing you are going through some unhappy phrase, are you not? It’s true that no one knows you more than yourself, and whatever makes you happy, I say go for it no matter what.

    This is what I listen to every time I need some encouragements and/or going through some unhappy time.
    I hope it will help you, too.

    huge hugs

    • How sweet you are, Pang!! Thank you so much.. First of all for reading my post, spending your time with me.. and the care.
      There must be something, some sign in this, maybe some higher power – hearing Steve Jobs from you, and not so much ago, by another friend of mine – it just must have some meaning shining bright on my way..
      Yes, from time to time that little battle in me comes out, and I need to realize again why what I am doing is so important, so essential for me, and why it is the right thing to make me happy – my spirit usually wins and brings me back to what I believe in and where I want to be.
      Or on the way there – because I believe that is where I am going…
      I don’t think I am just heard headed, I think that is the true believing in myself.
      In this, I guess, am not the only one, and people could relate.

    • Feel better, Miriam 🙂
      Glad it helps.

      When you are feeling down, you can always talk to ‘us’ (your blogger friends, including me)

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