Next Of Kin

I remember quite clearly the feeling of desperation when I started living on my own, meaning, without Mum’s kitchen. Being responsible not just for myself but for someone else’s well – being, too, I found a bit challenging. Armed with a handful of Granny’s recipes and her daughters’ advice,  written down in my book, I followed where my destiny took me.

DSC_8721 e


















Now I need to say, out of those two, it was rather my Aunt who excelled at cooking and baking.

DSC_5557 e


Those memories left me  worried and afraid to fail, because I simply panicked at the thought of doing something similar, or at least comparable, if possible, in my best hopes. As it turned out, and without any obvious pain, I have become a quite keen and kind of skilled cook – and here, please, do think “home cooking” .


DSC_8816 e


Nevertheless, I still appreciate those few recipes I could start with back then, as well as  those sympathetic phone calls I received when I needed any directions or any answers. There were no blogs to follow, not much chance to “google” anything in a matter of seconds. Not that I am so old, it was just not so in those times, homes were not internet covered as they are nowadays, not in my country anyway.

Miriam Ionica e












So, this experience always brings me to thinking of some of my friends, especially the younger ones, who now, from time to time turn to me and ask for a piece of advice – on cooking! Smile.


Which is also one of the reasons why I write here, or my Facebook “Milki Living”.

DSC_8812 e














I enjoy it all, most honestly, and am glad whenever asked, I can simply direct them to these sites.


Moving to England caused my friends to be more distant indeed, but through my writing, we can still not only keep in touch, but also share.. simple recipes that help their situations and also, help improve my skills.



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