Meet Me At Juliet’s

When it comes to good – quality hot chocolate, we all know it can melt your heart just as well as a good – looking Italian asking for directions in your cold English town. You love to help – because yes, you do support local tourism! Well, I don’t usually meet Italians in my town.. Although, no doubt, some must come there.

DSC_6552 eMy town is maybe small but picturesque, it definitely is. And I am telling you, should I ever meet an Italian friend, “Juliet’s” would be one of the places where I would take him.. Or her.

Especially on a cold winter’s day. No Romeo likes hanging round the city in our kind of weather with any promise of at least some sort of comforting embrace – be it in person, or place.









And this place for sure is more than perfectly fit for a chat over a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea… and more!


DSC_6555 e 2

The other Friday I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to come to this charming cafe, that shows so much character, and also, quite reciprocally, adds to this town’s own character as well, especially so near the tourists’ favoured area, the Pantiles. It is like a promise, a well of refreshment right there, serving the incomers on their way to the sightseeing.

So English, so pleasant!









This was not my first time in this cafe, I had been there for a couple of times before, enjoyed a cup of tea, sandwich – all served on beautiful vintage crockery, but this was the first time that I felt differently here, more than as in any other casual cafe or tea room.

Could it be the hot chocolate?, the cakes?, the view of the chef in his whites entering the tea room carrying dishes of tempting salads? – oh, the joyous instant of time!, or the fact we were served by Juliet herself?

DSC_6563 e-001

Can’t tell for sure, but one thing I know – I’ll be coming back. And I did, eventually, came back there again with another friend of mine, who, unlike my epic fantasy wasn’t a confused good – looking Italian male, but a charming, highly charismatic colleague photographer from another town, who originally comes from Cyprus – if that counts for the southern element. And she also loved it.










In both cases I couldn’t resist the choice of freshly – made cakes – well, alright, I do admit I have a sweet tooth and prefer them to the stews, soups or salads. However, I am quite sure I will come to those as well.. Living in Tunbridge Wells gives me the opportunity, and also, the comfort of trying it all out bit by bit. If that is not your case,  this at least will help you perhaps in making your choice – you will find Juliet’s on High Street. Simple.


DSC_6571 e 5

Only thinking of my experience, and the feel, the atmosphere – the calm buzz of chit – chat going on, the smiles, the scented air full of delicate teasing – all busily ticking like a perfect clock, yet, so relaxing.

Could this be the main difference – creating element, or was it just the bliss of the moment, the circumstance of my friend’s birthday and the cosiness and heat of the place put together?










Perhaps I can stop asking, giving myself all the questions – if something works, I can simply enjoy the magic, and stop sneaking around in suspicion there must be something hiding behind the good feel.

Enjoy and don’t stop.

DSC_6573 e 2 wm














Particularly, when one can always come back and have yet another go.



This reminds me of what Guy Pearce, an English – born Australian actor and musician, said:

“My problem is I’m an addictive personality. I can’t have one coffee. I can’t eat one piece of chocolate.”  ( 


DSC_6578 e 3 wm














Nor can I, and so I agree.

And will be back for more..



To find out further or contact this place as well as the chocolate producer, please visit their pages.


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