A Quick Friday Note

In the buzz of these days I haven’t even realized it was Friday the 13th, and I will not try to explain why, because I simply don’t know. I was glad and found it actually lucky’ when by chance I saw the Little Person on his way for the school dinner along the other children in his class. His happy face and joy of seeing me just made my moment right there, for all day I suppose. Well, we live quite near the school, and still I feel it  a special time when an opportunity like this appears. And he walked by his friend’s side whom he is seeing this afternoon – a ‘play date’, as it’s called.

DSC_4983 e

Alright, not a game of words today, it really is more about ‘when’ they meet rather than the ‘dating’ itself, of course, but it’s a cute girl, and so, I feel like it’s alright pulling his leg a bit.


Yesterday I went to see him sing at a school Nativity Play , and he was so cheerful, so happy to be there, among his friends! It was truly heart – warming.. (And this girl, was a fine dancer, I tell you.. ) This all just makes me smile, even now.

Are all Mums like this? I keep thinking, asking myself whether it’s just me, or are there any more of us going through the simplest events in our little ones’ lives with those tiny tears of joy?




Is it only me, or is there another Mum who finds seeing her little son walking to a school hall a ‘lucky sign’ for the day, that would otherwise be considered ‘unlucky‘ just because of some number? To me, this was a bright moment, and besides thanking for his safety and content, I thought of other mothers, other children..

For me, this season, somehow is about that as well. I think of them, and hope the best for them, for all those, who find themselves in rather difficult or challenging circumstances. I am simply thankful for the fact, that my son can be at school, walk to have his warm lunch, play with his friends, sing in a choir.. and that I could walk on to town, after this brief light of luck shed over me, to look for some little treats to put into his stockings when that day comes. Very often, in the rush of our life we just don’t realize how all these seemingly simplest things actually are joys and blessings.

I wish, most honestly, I could hear people say this, or wish people around me could at least think of it – because I see, often, or mostly they don’t. Perhaps they just don’t share it with me, but I hope, this time of the year is not only about the right kind of decorations, or the best stocking filler offers.. but of the ideas and sympathy, too.



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