Look Over Your Shoulder

Always look over your shoulder – not always to expect a threat of danger, but simply to remind yourself of what things you’ve learnt till now. Also, before you decide – upon word or action, try to wear your opponent’s shoes.  Or at least think carefully. And with respect.


DSC_3945 e

There were times when I simply didn’t take this into account – a fact, which has become a part of my everyday thinking nowadays. It adds much value to my way of living, and to what I believe can affect people I deal with.

This, of course, doesn’t mean I can do, or am good at, no, not at all. I just try.












Maybe it comes with time. Perhaps it develops with the power and efforts your actions and learning carry within themselves. I’m not sure. What I know is, that you learn as you go, and if you don’t look over that shoulder more or less regularly, you may not realize what it is that life has given you. Which, may also be understood as a sort of waste.. of time, emotions, experience. And I believe no-one would like to call his time as being “wasted”, and we all try to live the best righteous way we know and possibly can, to eventually feel confident, wiser and somehow, let’s say fulfilled, or satisfied. Happy.

DSC_4003 e_edited-2

So, learn as you go, and keep your memory in training, never let it sleep in these actions – many things to skip, but so many to remember and get your lessons from. If you can also share your knowledge, or pass it on, don’t hesitate. Although, one learns best from his own experience, you never know, you may help someone. That person may use your wisdom gained over those years, and save himself a couple of those “looks over shoulder”. especially when it’s someone dear to you, or a person who depends, or depended on you before.

DSC_4009 e

















Remember one other thing – and that is – try not to hurt anyone. Sounds like the most usual thing, also sounds the most mondaine, as if it were heard from every corner, and as if we were just sticking to some trend, but honestly, how many times have you really cared? I mean – how often do you care what others feel like? How much do you bother while making a certain statement or taking a decision? How many times did you look at those around you before yourself, and at how many occasions can your heart feel pure and bring that satisfying smile to you? That moment, when you know it is just right, even if you didn’t get what you had thought you needed.. but you are content, you are happy after all.



DSC_3987 e







Maybe one of the hardest things ever in this life is to realize you are not alone and that you actually live for the others. You live to be there for them, to be their other kind of shoulder – the sort they can lean on, or rely on when times toughen for them.






Do what it takes to stay, do it all to let them know you are by their side. Stand firm for them. Look after their happiness because what you get in return, and what you so often can’t see, is that you actually do it all for your own well -being.






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