Good night, Bunny! Good – bye, Princess..

So hard to catch up with his little interests these days – once happy, living in my reassuring serenity having the idea and story background acquired, he all of a sudden changes his mind and gets me off the lived in track fast: “Mami, I am not ‘Rainbow Dash’ anymore.. I am a Guinea Pig..”

DSC_0909 e 2

And I need some time to process the news, and try to find out even faster if that is any story character or just, well,  a guinea pig.

So now, it is no “Good night, Princess Celestia..”, it’s simply ” Good night, Bunny..”

(Yes, I am the Bunny. Will it be only the Mums who will get me right here at this point? Better Bunny at the moment, I am glad it is not a dinosaur – although, for the love of him, I would gladly become a T-Rex Lady. But nothing can really change the fact that I truly miss Princess Celestia.)







One thing stays the same, over periods and periods of time – his love for tiny coloured plastic bricks and blocks, and he seems never have his mind changed about this one passion. He would build you a castle, house, airport,  a truck, fire engine, boat, plane or a spaceship, anything you imagine, and he would love you to join him in making it all. Well yes, there goes my weak technical side of me. Nevertheless, I admire this in him.

So after times, when Rainbow Dash needed his multi – coloured mane cut, because he seriously “looked like a girl!!” –  an act which basically turned him into Punker Dash, we have a new era of home pets pretend game – a bit sad, as we can’t really keep any fluffy creature due to his respiratory problems. But we still like to play. Except the pet game it is the pirates, sharks, fire fighters, nurses and patients, gardeners, teachers and cooks.. you name it.

DSC_3703 e-001

This post is a note about  how great it is to be creative, and inventive, how amazingly his ideas can flow from one point to another in almost no time.



It is also to mark his birthday party, and to thank wonderful Miss Sarika Mehta who had created this gorgeous dream cake for him, making him the happiest Little Person the moment he saw it.


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