“Keep Calm And Carry On”

I came across two interesting things recently. One is this gorgeous dark blue cup, which I use for my evening teas nowadays, and love it, except the colour, and the fit for my palm, also for its special feature –  a handle, which as I call it ‘has no end‘.  The second thing that caught my  eye and heart so to say, is a nice simple quote I read somewhere online. I haven’t been able to find who its author is, but once I will, I’ll put a note here as well, I promise.

DSC_3105 e

There’s no easy escape from the days  getting colder and darker here, as well as rainier, which is something I can say I have already got used to in a way, and don’t mind so much. Well, not as much as I did before, after all, I didn’t expect any Riviera here.












Drinking tea has always been a habit of a basic daily routine of mine, as it is for many people all around the world, needless to say, and so, the joy of it escalates even more when you get a hold of such a beauty as this is. Feeling kind of privileged being here, in this small English town, I most certainly do enjoy the tea drinking custom – and believe me, I’m no formal person, I’d rather call myself ‘a partly disillusioned romantic’ than a traditionalist’, but I do love drinking that tea. Even now, sipping my warm ‘Touch of Jasmine Green Tea’ that I bought in a local supermarket, which to my great surprise, really owes nothing to what it says on its packaging – “pure green tea with the delicate aroma of white jasmine flowers” , it is virtually true, the taste is delightful, and being a jasmine scent lover, I simply can tell.
DSC_3159 e 2 crThe day I bought it may have been one of the more significant to me, not only because I spent it with a gorgeous person and her children, who I had known only recently, but also because I myself, am going through some new life circumstances, more or less painful, depending on what scale you set to yourself.











Wish I had better – developed detective qualities and could find out who made it – this extraordinary dark navy blue colour, one of my most favourite, and the very distinctive pattern – yes, I probably still keep searching for love and its symbols anywhere I go, trying to see the omens in every little possible thing – like the engraved hearts in its glazing.. Yet, nothing more but ‘England’ and a tiny what appears to be heart – shaped print shows on the bottom of the cup. Wish I knew where it is from – oh yes, I bought it at the local charity store, so I have no idea, hence my yearn and ache over its origin – I guess I fell in love with it, too.

I can’t say my dedication or a drive to find out is tremendous, but I would just love to know – similarly as to the quote I mentioned above – you just want to know where  it is from, who brought it to life – something that carries a form of a simple cup, or a simple thought. To be keen to know feels like the butterflies one experiences when he presumes or anticipates the knowledge of what would have happened if he had his or her partner’s social site account password for, let’s say, at least twenty – four hours. Yes, I read that one, too – the question of how many relationships would actually survive the challenge.

To overcome this cold and dark of the season approaching further and more, as well as trying to avoid ‘heavy thoughts’, I savour the hot ‘bevvy’ a couple of times a day, and call me a maniac if you like, but I often drink my teas / coffees from a different cup each and single time that particular day. Alright, not a maniac, it just pleases me.

DSC_1053 e 2-002And so, here I am, once again in my life, with my cup of tea, slightly bitter like the reality that I am trying to face, yet endearing, almost remedial like the beauty of what has passed, or is leaving me, but holds on to graceful, almost glamorous memories of what there has been once..  Only that there’s no glamour in pain. But I admit, yes, that one can at least try to draw over it gracefully, or with some sort of splendour.










I often think, while writing here, how many people, women in particular, can relate to anything they read from me. This is one of such moments. To enclose my circle of thoughts, I am just adding the quote that brought me to understanding some of my own affairs.

That indeed, the only thing that made them a part of my life, was that I kept thinking about them. Although a lot was real and true living, much stayed beyond the reality, and that is where the pain comes from after the awakening.


My secret tip for all of you who are in need of ‘uplifting & warming’ your spirits, have a cup of ‘Three Ginger’ tea infusion (100% organically grown, naturally caffeine – free tea with ginger, galangal & golden turmeric – as seen in my photos here, the first drink I had from this cup the very first night after I’d bought it), and play yourself more than wonderful Five Variants of “Dives And Lazarus” by R. V. Williams. 


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