Melted Toffee Apples

If it’s not clear what a ‘true disaster’ and ‘the other disaster’ can be, I must tell you, that me and caramel.. or toffee making could be seen as disastrous in a way.

DSC_3510 e 2 cr

Well, I must confess to spoiling some of my unfortunate pots in order to make the sweet piece of heaven on earth – because that is how an ultra simple thing as caramel may taste to some of us, who like it. So, if I can call this the cooking disaster, then may it be. Especially if it’s seen as a whole, I am no good. Sure, there were a very few rare occasions when I succeeded, but yes.. very rarely.

Even in this case, I used a recipe I found online, published there by a magazine whose recipes work for me otherwise, but not with toffee.. again. As in other things, I will not give up and just keep going.







Despite following the instructions step by step, my toffee apples looked like lone sad sticky topsy-turvy pops..

Eventually, as a final desperate attempt to make any use of it all – apples & toffee – because there is no way I would call these ‘toffee apples’, I made gorgeous apple crumble the very next day, and as to my latest try on toffee itself.. I just sprinkled two handfuls of sesame seeds all over it, let it dry,  and so we’ve enjoyed at least some sort of sesame fudge these days. Not much of Bonfire Night cheering, but at least I could spare some of the bonnie bit for my kitchen – and it still smelt gorgeous..

DSC_3526 eHere’s the recipe for you to try and enjoy – the condition, of course, must be that you are far better in making toffee than me..















Toffee Apple by Goodtoknow Recipes:


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