Tiny Monsters

A long enjoyable morning shoot and roast of a pumpkin, then get ready fast and set off for the witch & monster session.

I’ll tell you what it’s like.. I know, because I’ve seen and accomplished the secret mission – wearing my witchy hat to distract their senses, with the camera in my trembling hands to quietly spy on them.. Here’s my report:

DSC_3421 e

Tiny monsters usually gather in a friendly consonance once a year and do all sorts of hair – raising things – they slurp bloody coctails, dig in brains, savour slugs and eyeballs, cook potions,  read scary stories and ride on broomsticks to mention just a few..












They prefer to keep cute black cats for pets.. and sometimes like to pull them at their tails. Thank heavens the cats are patient to withstand the dangerous attacks of these monstrous mini creatures!

DSC_3411 e

Actually, these highly spirited kitties not only are patient, they even know a couple of clever tricks how to tame those little beasts.














DSC_3404 e

Tarantula treats are one of them.
















And as we all well know, the dreadful little savages don’t hesitate chopping off their companion’s fingers and  serve them as fine delicacy.

DSC_3397 e

















Except for black cats, there’s another creature at their constant service – a terrifying, yet a very peaceful Frankenstein guard who keeps them entertained by reading poems from ancient scrolls..

DSC_3414 e

















From time to time you can spot a green shadow of a spiky lizard slither by, being the youngest of them, he didn’t speak much – but kept his carer quite cautious and often on her feet..

DSC_3424 e

















Hey, and did you know that tiny witches and monsters do love being fashionable?? Don’t miss the latest craze of the season:

DSC_3439 eYoung hexes stay trendy in their colourful silk and tulle dresses – to be honest, it makes them look adorable.. Or should I better say ‘charming’.. or ‘magical’ perhaps?














Well, a special breed of demons are the vampires – no comments needed, we all know what they’re up to.. Beware! You’d rather not mess up with those.

DSC_3443 eIt is quite easy to fall under their spell, their charms are magnetic, but deadly!!















As I mentioned above, tiny monsters enjoy doing all sorts of activities at these annual festivals, and I must admit, I loved them, too.  Apple bobbing is one of the fanciest, and not the only by far. Wrapping up their poor victims in mummy costumes was one of them, too..

DSC_3463 e

However, when the twilight set in, they all became a bit tired and needed a little rest. Refreshments went fast – hard to say which were the most favourite of them all – everyone had his plate & glass of joy.













So to take a second breath, they like to sit around a scaredy professional witch who comes to read and teach them from old witchcraft chronicles – they’re keen learners and love to role play as well – it’s important to know how to handle cats, frogs, dogs, birds.. and even dragons!! after all.

DSC_3480 e

















Later on, when they all feel a bit puffed out, on their broomsticks they sit, or spread their wings, or simply wrap themselves into their invisibility cloaks and off they whizz into the thin cold October air..


DSC_3447 e







You may see them fly by your windows sometimes, if you look really well. Although, it may be a bit hard these days, because, as anybody else, they love to take short lazy snoozes, if they actually don’t sleep all nights through, as the latest researches and scientific discoveries have revealed – this new current drift in their behaviour  suggests that what is quietly hushed up among certain high circles may well be just true – that they’re very cheeky and turn themselves into kids at daytime..


Who knows, maybe you met one of them just yesterday.

I myself have a little disturbing suspicion that actually there might be one of them living here with me..









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