Zombies, Unicorns & Sugary Kisses

I believe all kids can get quite scary with what they say or do sometimes, but when it happens to you, it perhaps always feels a bit unexpected at least.

The Little Person came for his morning cuddle yesterday and in the middle of the usual early hour talk regarding his good sleep or dreams, he just came with a sudden: “Chop, chop, chop.. chop Mummy’s head off..” followed by a big laugh, while pretending with his little hand around my neck being cut off – well, it was a Halloween morning but still..

When I asked why or what made him say so, he just giggled and mentioned the afternoon party he was to go to later on.Has he ever heard of zombies??  I wondered.. school??  I didn’t freak out, just got a strange feeling for a moment and suspicion, too, and I gently reminded him that his party costume was a ‘skeleton’.  Just in case.

DSC_3351 bw cr- ML

Then, this morning he came and said something that pleased me much more – he pulled my hand to show me his computer colouring page, and very excitedly told me, that the magnificently looking pony in it was actually me. My pride was rising up while he was explaining me, that I was special, that I wasn’t even an ordinary pony, but a beautiful pony unicorn, called Princess Celestia, with her wonderful rich blue pinky mane, and the unicorn.








I felt over the clouds, and all the Mums in the world will know why – you just feel extraordinary, when your little son promotes you to a  ‘Princess’ post, or a queen of anything, or just draws you a red heart on the back of a promotion leaflet in a shopping kids play area, and writes his clumsy L, O, V, e.. handing it over to you saying: “That’s for you, Mummy!” with his eyes sparkling and the brightest, sweetest smile in the whole wide world on.. you even spy around a bit, if anyone has noticed. Well, if you don’t, I do – and always feel proud.

DSC_3336 e ML

Yesterday wasn’t only about the party at his friend’s, but also about a gorgeous morning shoot of a Hokkaido pumpkin I got from my favourite Hop Shop at the nearby farm, and while setting my scene, doing the shots, cutting, slicing, preparing, styling it, the Little Person was very patient actually – played with his fire engine, ‘setting many fires on’ all around the place, and then promptly ‘putting them down’.









At a certain point he even got ‘injured’ and needed to chill out in my daybed, with his leg in a pretend paper plaster, watching me work, enjoying his jam doughnut. As I had expected, the moment of: “Mummyyy.. take a picture of me, too..” came quite soon, so I took a couple of snaps of him as well.. and he sent me sweet air kisses for the effort, and as usually, ended up in giggles.

And you know, the kisses were truly sweet.


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