It’s A Cats’ World

Though I am not a keen fan of cats at all (not necessarily thinking the big cat family) and would most honestly prefer a dog for a pet than any cat if I could – but as you wouldn’t see many stray dogs roam freely around English streets, yet there’s plenty of cats to see stroll, or play hide – and – seek with you, I must admit, I do like these two ‘purrfect’ friends – what a couple these kittens make! I wish I could tell you whether they’re ‘girls’ or ‘boys’, but I cannot recognize that just yet – they’re still young.

DSC_2111 e 2

And though this should be more about my gardening trials – and believe me, I am not a specialized person at that either, I’d still like to share a couple of images of these two rascals – because it’s our garden where they love to come to play.

They moved here quite shortly after us, or at least I think so – and they’ve been not just curious, but very courageous as well. The grey one even more – I call him ‘Tiger’ for now, and just for ourselves – as one of my sweet friends’ Maggie’s own cats. Hope I may.








So, Tiger is the braver one, he likes climbing walls, jumping from gates to even higher walls and fences.. Whereas,  ‘Paw’, the whitey kitten, is perhaps more nosy, a bit more playful and likes to sneak around in a rather girly manner. As we all know of cats’ individual characters, his ways tell me just one thing – you could never make any Tarzan of him.

DSC_2132 e 2

















Tiger likes to come more often, and he also likes to keep me company – be it at cleaning the garden path or the windows, as it happened the other day. He came and watched me doing so, going through stages of pure  bewilderment, then amusement to final understanding and contentment – that kind only cats can achieve.

DSC_2556 e

I like them come quietly, I like being surprised by their sudden appearances, and yet again, it is   Tiger who is more confident, and feels free not just explore the surroundings, but shows a complete defiance to keep his feet off the alien territories – such as our neighbours’ or our own house are.













First time I saw him do that, I imagined a cute cat sort of Beatrix – Potter – styled tea party, paying his visit to our neighbour’s cat Lili – a sleek, smart , very stylish and sometimes shy young black cat lady. He also dared to come to our place via back door – which would definitely make him look very tough and cool, if not for the confusion at the closed front pet door.. oh, poor Tiger! Still makes me smile when I think of his baffled zig – zagging across our sitting room till he finally found his way out.

DSC_2109 e 2

















Well, well, they make some fun company sometimes, but mostly cheer a moment up when they enter our grounds and start to play.. hop, skip and chase, or cast suspicious looks around..

DSC_2115 e


















And yes, I like to think of Tiger as him, and Paw as her. Hope I’ll find out more one day. I promise to let you know then.


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