Eve’s Temptations

DSC_2326 eIt’s not about living in any kind of paradise, I believe you. Getting through the daily routines, and holding on to what we can enjoy – moments of bliss and delight, fractions of carelessness that actually mean the whole world.

Just like Eve’s moment, a fragment of an instant, but immense impact over all times, you come to something, and in a snap of a second you realize it’s passed, but the feeling stays in you – be it of passion, sweet taste, zest of life or, on the other hand, despise. The feeling, the emotion of the while stays – and mostly, that is what we remember, leaving the routines, daily battles behind.




There are moments, such tiny fragments that I will remember – like the setting sun, leaning against the red of the new apples – reflecting love, peace, innocence, because they don’t know, they just bloom, grow and ripen, and then fall – every year, in an endless circle by God’s will.

DSC_2533 e 2

Things I’m trying to accept.

(I loved the Little Person and his joy over picking the apples, unforgettable. )


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