Apple Alley

Tell me which way to go, show me where the sweet fruits grow ..
DSC_2326 e

Living not so far from the Castle Farm, Kent, is wonderful.















If you take that time, and light effort, you may easily end up with a basket full of lavender, be it in July, or sweet crisp apples, be it in October.

DSC_2322 e


















Never resist the temptation – joy and flavour are your reward.


DSC_2320 e











We did, too, a couple of days ago, and loved it.







Let the little people help you – they love picking their own fruit.

DSC_2305 e





It’s the touch, the smell, the vision of goodness that attracts them, and makes them utterly happy, trust me on that.












No, any other weekend plan would only hardly compete with this.


DSC_2309 e



A promise of a reward where the activity is a prize itself . Joy. Love.













To find out more, visit:


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