Believe In Miracles

This life, or some ‘Higher Powers’, sometimes try to prove, or keep trying to prove to me, that miracles can still happen. Not for the first time, however, certainly one of the most unforgettable ones.

I witnessed it happen last week.

DSC_2560 wm3-001

In summer 2012, on July 26th, I finished reading the first novel by Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, and I put down a note in my diary, too:

“I wish I could.. ”

The wish was a dream, about meeting him, and holding his hand, thanking him.

That was also my first time ‘meeting’ him.

These days, when my heart aches more than ever before, last week’s event was a blessing sent. And as I name this category of my blog – ‘Love notes – of what our hearts struggle and rejoice upon’, this just reflects it – most surely the ‘Destiny’ wished me to cheer up, to remind me there still is more it can offer, and no doubt, also more to be thankful for.



And so, I had the chance to meet and hear Khaled in London, last Thursday, 10th October, at an event held by the Bloomsbury Publishing.

A truly splendid evening.

As well as a marvelous sign from ‘above’, and.. a very special first post in this category.





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