Alice’s Blackberry Jam

Believe it or not, I do live next door to Alice. Real Alice. Ok, Ben & Lili Cat live next door, too, but ..
DSC_1144 wm



One nice August day, Alice went blackberry picking. And she picked a lot.


DSC_1317 wm







Well, how lucky for us. Because Alice made some gorgeous blackberry jam, and yes!!, came to hand a jar of the delicious and bona fide preserve over to us.


Later on, she told me about the recipe she used to make it, and so, I will pass it on you, too!

Here’s the link:


DSC_1162 wm

And so I found out, that Alice’s recipe was actually Angela’s and it was ‘flexible’ – another fortunate circumstance for us – as Alice, who not only lives next door, but also grows a plum tree in that next door garden, proved the flexibility of this recipe – oh yess!! again.. and presented us with another wonderful jar or fruit conserve..

DSC_1249 wm










Loved them both so much and enjoyed them.. especially, when my own endeavour concerning jam making ended up .. well, quite badly, to be honest. My ‘blackberry caramel’ – if I may call it that way, could have make some nice candies, if there only was a way to chop it in pieces.. otherwise, tasting most fantastic. Oh, disaster! – in one word. But I will not give up, and will try some more one day.


For now, it’s just the sweetness of living next door to Alice who says loves making it at home, because of the old-timish, kind of vintage, homey warm feeling. And I just go on in my happy dwelling and enjoying her kindness – yum.. yum..

Thank you, dear Alice!



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