Hands Off Those Tomatoes And.. Drive!

Keeping hands on things is a good way how to keep them going. If only that worked!

DSC_1773 wm





It is so hard sometimes to make them come and do a pose for a keen Mum..

DSC_1772 wm













Playing a family car road trip, using real kids’ safety chairs in the middle of the living room is so much more fun – well, yes, let’s face it, counting vine cherry tomatoes can never compare to that.

DSC_1778 wm













Besides that – it was quite nice watching the Little Person learn about baby dolls and nappy changing. I was also advised to try buying him a boy baby doll – he indeed is a very caring little person, I might give it a thought – however, I am just guessing the dolly may experience some tough times competing all the fire engines and Lego blocks. Anyway, I’ll see.




“Come on, sweetheart, you’ll be in a magazine!” – such words help the little model actually.. come and grant me a short moment to snap.

DSC_1814 wm









Thank you, darlings!


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