The Essence Of Essex

While making delicious cheese flan, surrounded by some lovely ladies, sipping honey sweetened latte, under the tipping sound of the raindrops on the roof window, all in a cheerful mood, one can learn special expressions and phrases. Well, even more importantly to me – with my English as a second language,  this was such a wonderful opportunity to learn new things. (Yes, it was not only about the so specially thin slices of courgettes, being determined and performing all effort in rolling those rosettes..)

So, I found out, nearly two weeks ago, why Nanny says she’s from Essex and is proud of it..

DSC_1799 wm-001 ..and also why it is just alright to be an Essex girl.



I know, I know how it is all meant, and why they might not be happy about me saying it, but being there, a bit more than a photographer & observer,  enjoying the purity of the session, in my more or less quite head voice..


I just wished I myself had a bit of the Essex heart beating in my chest that day.


DSC_1784 wm-001




















Then there was also the “strawberry element”. How great and fun it can be to enjoy the sweetest strawberries of the season – well, right in mid-September..  Not for more than simply holding the diffuser. So much for the affection as it only can be allowed with so many people on board, I loved it all to bits, every minute, each of it filled with adoration and a sort of intimacy that only this kind of Friday sessions can offer.

DSC_1758 wm-001


Many warm thanks, gorgeous ladies!


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