Cheese & Courgette Flan

On one of “Fridays In Lilla’s Kitchen” we tried the recipe by Bruna Deriu which was featured in Take A Break’s My Favourite Recipes, issue 21/ p.46.
And we loved it!
Though, we did a few little amendments to it, as to the use of lard and the time of baking.
Flan Collages 3 wm

For the pastry:
40g butter, plus extra for greasing
200 g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting
50 g lard, chopped up (we used butter)
25 g Parmesan, grated
salt & pepper

For the filling
25 butter
25 plain flour
300 ml milk
1/2 tsp nutmeg, grated
50 g Cheddar, grated
2-3 courgettes
2 eggs, beaten
1 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper

To make:

Preheat oven º C 180, then grease and flour a 26 cm round flan dish.

Rub in lard (butter), until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
DSC_1676 wm

















Stir in Parmesan and add 2-3 tbsp cold water, enough to form a soft but firm pastry.

DSC_1690 wm


















Roll the pastry in a shape to fill in your dish, prick the base with a fork.

DSC_1712 wm-001

















DSC_1700 wm













Melt the butter in a small pan, over a gentle heat, when it begins to sizzle add the flour, stir energetically.
Add the milk gradually, until you have a smooth sauce.
Bring gently to boil.
Remove from the heat, season, add the cheese and allow to cool.

Trim the courgettes, and slice them with a potato peeler, lengthways, to make wafer thin slices.

Now add the beaten eggs to the cooled cheese sauce, mix thoroughly, pour the sauce into the pastry case and level off with the back of a spoon.


Then roll the courgette slices to form rosettes, and press them into the sauce, continue until you have covered the entire base of the flan.

DSC_1748 wm

















DSC_1771 wm-001Carefully brush the top of the rosettes with the olive oil, bake for 25 – 30 min (it took us about double this suggested time, check your flan while baking) until the edges are crisp and the flan is firm and golden.




DSC_1782 wm-001

























Serve either cold or warm.

DSC_1818 wm


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