At Another Red Door

1005230_222861941201505_260870524_nThe move was not as smooth as I would have thought, but here we are, settling down at yet another red door.

Might have been the right thing to do, who knows.You always try to find the better points, the pros, rather than looking for what you don’t like about something, or you just overlook it to feel more comfortable.

I love the wooden floors, and the tiny fire place – and I love the fact it is so close to Little Person’s school – just around the corner, literally.


What makes this place special now, is not the garden,but the people, and that is something I appreciate very much and especially. How often do we think of the neighbourhood, meaning the people, rather than the green, conveniences or distances..? In this way, I can feel the change, definitely. And that feels more positive than the rest. Some sort of connection.

So, the door may be of the same colour, but that means nothing, once it’s opened, it leads to a different place.

It’s not an omen, it’s the reality.

MiriamDSC_0830 cr 2 wm


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