Don’t Think Ships, Think Destinations..

‘What a nice coincidence,’ was my second thought of the day.

So they called him George and the whole world knows now,’my thread followed, considering it a kind of an omen of my personal future goodness.  Then the young royal couple moved out of public sight.

DSC_0007 wmWe’re moving, too – but for real, and not just to spend time with a new baby. No turning back for us. We’re moving to a new house in George Street, and that is what I mean by the nice coincidence. Just that name, and the point in history.

Wish I could stay here though, I have loved this place – but what’s rented is not owned, and when you have to move out, it’s done. The landlord sold the house, and off we go, finding a new one in the above mentioned street of a small town in beautiful Kent. I may not shed tears, but my heart will miss this place. And with it, the “dream times” will go just as well. I still have my wishes, but want and will try to follow them in real, too. Not just keeping them alive within my dream world.

‘Time to wake up,’ was the actual first thought of the day.  Not only because it was the morning.  ‘Wake up’, doesn’t always necessarily have to mean ‘get up’, of course.

Still in bed, savouring the comfort of the moment when one doesn’t need to get the little person ready for nursery  (no, not today, it’s summer holiday!), I knew what I meant – I definitely need to “wake up”, and start it all, find a better way.  There simply must be another way. Not that all before this moment was just pure sleep. I’d rather call it a dream – where the wishes live, and the goals like little birds keep flying around, waving their wings frantically, carrying messages reading “Follow your dreams..”  Yet nothing changes, and the wishes still serve not much more anything pleasant than being plain imagination. I need more than just this dream. Thus woken up, while keeping my eyes still closed, I tried to figure out the next step – in my mind, I grab my camera and  find myself right here. Honestly, having my fears, but still feeling strong enough.


Should I call that my own awakening? Still thinking, putting the plans together, as I lurk and sneak among the boxes with our belongings, and for now, starting to consider what those ways are I could possibly take.

Among the first goals, I suggest myself to stop thinking ships and rather start thinking destinations, as I heard a wise person say the other day.

I’m good to go.

I’ll share my experience with you. Come..  let’s move on!





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